Surface Preparation

HTC Superprep Diamond Grinding

Ecoflor uses Superprep grinding to prepare most concrete floors prior to floor finish installation. Diamond grinding provides a smoother, more even surface profile which in turns provides a significant improvement in floor finishing, from thin film coatings to toppings for both new and existing floors.

Ecoflor has an extensive fleet of HTC grinding machines, all with the very latest in dust extraction systems. This allows us to prepare floors safely while operations in other parts of your building continue unhindered. We can prepare large concrete floor areas quickly and economically for our resin floor finishes, or grind and polish to a high gloss, polished concrete finish.

Captive Shot Blasting

Ecoflor can prepare existing and new concrete floors to receive toppings using captive shot-blasting. This provides a textured surface and can also be used to prepare steel to SA2.5, the standard required for resin floor installation. Floors can be blasted using walk behind machines or on larger projects, high speed ride-on blasters prepare up to 3,000m2 of flooring per day.

Milling and Planing

Ecoflor can remove existing toppings, latex, adhesive and floor finishes using floor milling and planing. We have a range of machines from standard vacuum controlled walk behind machines for medium size projects, up to ride on cold milling water controlled machines capable of removing up to 100mm per pass for large scale projects and car park deck removal.

Latex & Adhesive Removal

Using our fleet of grinding machines, large areas of latex, tile adhesives and bitumen adhesives can be removed for subsequent floor coatings and toppings to be applied. Alternatively the floor can be ground and polished.

Paint & Coatings Removal

Existing coatings and floor paint can be removed using our diamond grinding fleet. If Ecoflor are re-applying coatings, the existing coatings can be abraded using our grinders for a quicker, more economic re-coating option.

Expansion Joint Repair

Ecoflor are able to remove high-spots and level expansion joints to provide smoother running floors for fork-lift trucks. We can also carry out remedial grinding to damaged concrete slabs using our extensive grinding fleet. Failed expansion joints can be saw cut and infilled with high strength mortar prior to new floor installations.